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New patients, please make an appointment in advance by calling 02 725 9595 or 02 032 9595
Pre-registration for new patients
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The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service at Manarom is designed to promote a healthy development in  children and to respond to the requests from families, educators and referrals from other community service providers. We emphasize on the importance of the family by offering parental education and workshops to help guide the families in working with their children. Our multidisciplinary team approach provides each child with a complete and thorough evaluation.Upon the completion of our evaluation, we offer individualized treatment plan and follow up treatment designed to meet each child's needs and uniqueness. An evaluation as a consultation service to help with a comprehensive assessment of the child is also provided to offer specific recommendations and to coordinate with other providers for further treatments.


    1. Promotion of a healthy mental and emotional development in children and adolescents
    2. Early recognition and early intervention of all developmental and mental health problems
    3. Coordinate and work with the families and the schools to help them understand and learn to manage the children effectively

Mental Health Education and Promotion 

    • Parental Education Programs in many areas including child development, parenting skills, behavioral modification
    • Educational Workshops for parents, families, educators
    • Parental support groups for various specific needs
    • Social Skill Groups and Self Improvement Programs
    • Educational Assessment
    • IQ and Aptitude Assessment

 Clinical Services 

    • Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment for diagnosis, clinical service and educational needs
    • Psychological/Neuropsychological Assessment Service
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder treatment
    • Autism and Mental Retardation treatment
    • Movement disorder including Tic disorder, Tourette's disorder
    • Evaluation for Delayed development and treatment
    • Disruptive Behavioral disorder treatment
    • Individual and Family Counseling and Therapy
    • Psychopharmacology Consultation
    • Mood disorders including Depression and Bipolar treatment
    • Anxiety treatment
    • Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, inpatient and outpatient
    • Childhood schizophrenia
    • Eating Disorder treatment
    • Anger management treatment and training program
    • Psychiatric disorder related to medical problems including diabetes, congenital heart problems, kidney disorders,etc

Our staff Members

    The child and adolescent evaluation service is staffed by Child and Adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. Eligibility Children and Adolescents from Infancy to 18 years old are eligible for the service; referrals can be made by the children and families and by the educators

Contact Information

    To learn more about our child and adolescent service programs, please call 0-2662-3611-2, 0-2662-3827 or email at contact@siamfanclub.com
Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

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